A History in Precision
Radi8 is based in Bolton, Great Britain, and started trading in July 2016. We have been quick to establish ourselves as one of the leading providers of heating solutions in the United Kingdom. Offering competitively priced products, strong product guarantees, the right product certifications and with a great UK delivery service.

Radi8 is regarded as one of the best available suppliers in the market today of FAR infrared heating panels. With our team of experienced staff and continued investment in research and development, we are absolutely confident in our products.

An Affinity to Quality
Our products undergo a certified quality standards procedure to make sure
we only stock items with the newest and most reliable technology. All our subcontracted factories are all certified with ISO 9001.

A Belief in Value
We believe that infrared heating should be accessible to all of our customers,
which is why we offer a very competitive price.

Radi8 products can save up to 90% energy than traditional alternatives.
This leads to a huge reduction in carbon emissions that helps keep our planet
greener and your bills leaner.

Customer Service:
We give all our customers confidence through our 30-day return policy and
5-year warranties.