As the next generation of surface heating systems, our products range benefit from the use of CALERO CNT heating films utilising the latest smart technology in heating. Heating elements are placed directly under the floor using the heat storage ability of the floor only minimally, resulting in the space heating up in minutes. The systems can be implemented in one room or more phases.

The underfloor heating can be fitted under laminate floors, parquet floors and even within blind concrete for new constructions and renovation. Even in 4-6 cm thick blind concrete, these elements heat up space evenly keeping the room warm for hours.

Using our specialist underfloor heating mats we can build individual and additional comfort floor heating without the need to raise floor level. As a fast and simple solution with no maintenance needed and high-tech smart control, the heating mat floor system is the ideal flexible solution for adaptability and no fuss.

Alongside under flooring heating systems, we also provide the ideal surface heating solution installed in plasterboards for lightweight structures.

Taking into consideration factors such as the energy demand of the building and the wall/flooring structure, we make sure that you have the perfect solution for your home or business.

The heating mat floor system is the ideal flexible solution for adaptability and no fuss.

We provide the ultimate ease of control and efficiency with the latest smart technology and a Wi-Fi ready thermostat. Communicating wirelessly inside the building, you can control the unit at any time independently.

When it comes to our underfloor heating, we approach every assignment with innovative, environmentally conscious, energy independent and renewable solutions.